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Get ready to be part of the most magical birthday show in the entertainment industry. All of Andy's shows are rated G and are age-appropriate. He loves doing birthday Magic shows. Andy takes pride in delivering the most fun Birthday Magic show in the USA. He even has a unique Magic trick that he created just for Birthdays. Andy is the only person in the world that does it.

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Watch Andy's live show from the comfort of your own home with your friends and family. It is better than going to a Broadway show.

Andy offers a custom Magic video for his VIP clients that he will direct and produce with The Great Throwdini, the world’s fastest and most accurate knife thrower. Ask Andy about this additional Service.

Andy’s birthday magic show will make your event extraordinary.  His shows are funny and engaging.  Andy will use many of your audience members as my assistants. He will interact with everyone in the audience.

Andy is honored to have made Magic for David Copperfield.

His clients call him Amazing Andy.  Not only is his Magic amazing, but his customer service is as well. Andy is easily accessible and he will go above and beyond to make your birthday magic show a great success.

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Andy's shows are fun for people of all age groups and cultural backgrounds. He has been fortunate to have some wonderful clients who have been very happy with my work and have given me excellent reviews and testimonials. He has a 5-star rating on Google.

Andy and The Village People

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