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Andy Peters has performed for over one million people live in person and has amazed them all.  He is a four-time World Record Holder who performs regularly in Las Vegas and at Hollywood’s world-famous Magic Castle.  He has made Magic for David Copperfield in Las Vegas and has performed Magic for America’s Got Talent Winner Mat Franco, Magic Icon Jeff McBride, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and the Village People.  Andy is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, a secret Magic society in Hollywood, California.

In addition to being one of the most sought-after Corporate and Family Comedy Magicians in the USA, Andy is the most in-demand Gene Wilder/ Willy Wonka impersonator globally.

When you hire Andy, you have two characters to choose from 1) Andy Wonka, who is a parody of the Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka, and 2) Magic Andy, who is a traditional Magcian with a top hat and looks the part.

Andy is proud to be the only Magician with a Chimera twin in the world.  Nine years ago, Andy was an anonymous bone marrow donor to a two-year-old boy from Brazil named Lucas.  Lucas is also a Magician.  Together they will win America’s Got Talent and have their show in Las Vegas.

Andy takes great pride in delivering a superior Magic Show.  Andy is like a Broadway show but better.  If you have the pleasure of seeing him perform live, you are witnessing history in the making.

Andy is a graduate of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.  He is an award-winning public speaker and a Distinguished Toastmaster.  Andy is a Scottish Lord.  A Castle in Motherwell, Scotland, is named after his family.  Andy travels worldwide doing Magic, including Bali, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Europe.

Birthday Magic Show

Zoom Magic Show

Corporate Magic Show

Kid & Family Magician

Andy Wonka Performing for America’s Got Talent Winner Mat Franco

Magic Andy Performing for Mickey Mouse in Disney World.

Magic Andy Performing for a Fortune 500 Corporate Client.

Andy Wonka, the Cousin of Willy Wonka

The First photo of Andy and his Chimera twin Lucas from Brazil.

Companies Andy has Worked with

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Facebook Names Magic Andy as America’s Top Comedy Magician

World Record Certificate

Andy’s Magic Videos

Andy Wonka Amazes Mickey Mouse with some incredible Comedy Magic.

Magic Andy Amazes Minnie Mouse with a Coloring Book

Magic Andy Stars in a Facebook Commercial about Facebook Groups

Facebook Hired me to do a Video Ad for Facebook Groups

Magic Andy Does Magic with a Newspaper and a Bottle of Water at a Music Festival

Andy and The Village People

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Corporate Magic Testimonial

Magic Andy Does an Incredible Card Trick with Mickey Mouse Using Fire

Magic Andy performing Walk-around Magic for a Corporate Client

Magic Andy Performing with a Las Vegas Showgirl

Magic Andy Performing for Mickey Mouse for the Fifth Time.



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